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KOSSAN N50RA PE ROUND SERIES 1016MM (T) X 838MM (B) x 506MM (H1) x 610MM (H2) 80G (NC)

RM 165.00

KOSSAN N50RA PE ROUND SERIES 1016MM (T) X 838MM (B) x 506MM (H1) x 610MM (H2) 80G (NC)



  • Effective Capacity (EC): 50G
  • Nominal Capacity  (NC): 80G
  • Top Diameter (T): 1016mm 
  • Bottom Diameter (B): 838mm 
  • Diameter Height w/o cover: 508mm 
  • Diameter Height c/w cover: 610mm 


Features And Advantages

  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Zero maintenance and highly durable
  • Seamless one-piece construction
  • Stress-free and leak-proof
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Food grade material
  • Made from superior grade Polyethylene resins
  • Capacity range from 50-600 gallons



  • 10 years for indoor use and 5 years for outdoor use.
  • Applicable on a prorated basis against manufacturer defects only, manufacturer will not be liable for any consequent losses, defects or damages as a result of improper use or inccorect intallation.
  • Strictly limited to the replacement of water tank only
  • To be used for used for storing cold water at a stationary position only.




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