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[SUPPLY & INSTALL] Aqua Solar Lite & Easy - L80 Solar Water Heater 2438mm x 2438mm x 584mm x 80G (363L)

RM 6,250.00

Introduction Lite & Easy Water Heating System


AquaSolar™ solar water heating systems uses the latest developments in solar technology to produce high quality, efficient water heaters for residential and commercial use. Thorough the years of experience, we understanding more of home owners' needs and that result in the product's functionality and efficiency. The products are designed and engineered to fully optimize the sun's power in warming up water without shooting up the costs - it's the perfect balance of technology and nature!



Designed to Meet Local Requirement :
A range of 66 & 80 gallon models to suit your needs
Proven Safe : 
About 70°C and safety feature of relief valve controls the heat pressures.
Retain Heats : 
50mm High density polyurethane foam to maximum heat retention.
Back Up Heater : 
To ensure hot water during raining season or over usage.
Top Quality Material : 
High quality corrosion-free material such as stainless steel, copper and aluminum to ensure long life and performance.
Number of Riser Tubes : 
More tubes in the panel to ensure fast heating and optimum flow rate leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness.

* Performance and operating efficiency depend on ambient temperature, level of sunlight and water usage.
  Consult your dealer for further details. Source of cost saving: Solar Energy International (SEI)

Warranty9 Years Warranty + 1 Year Guarantee
Tank Capacity66 Gallons (UK) 300 Litres
Overall Dimension (L x W x Di)2438mm x 1820mm x 584mm
Weight - Full475kg
Weight - Empty184kg
Tank Dimension1829mm x 584mm
Outer CasingStucco Aluminium
Storage Tank Insulation50mm High Density Polyurethane Foam (CFC Free)
Cylinder MaterialMarine Grade Stainless Steel
Nominal Working Pressure750 kPa
Test Pressure1500 kPa
Relief Valve Setting850 kPa / 99°C
Laminar Flow StratifierYes
Electric Booster3 kW
Number Of2
Surface Area (L x W)1820mm x 1820mm
Number Of Riser Tubes20
MethodPlate and Tubes
Collector PanelMatt Black Aluminium / Copper
Casing MaterialAluminium
Glass Material4mm Low Iron Glass
Efficiency> 85%

Why Solar Water Heater?

  • Cost-saving 
    • Installing a solar water heater system is a sound investment. Since it is virtually maintenance-free and doesnot cost a cent to run, you pay once for the simply luxury of using hot water. Compare this with your electricity or gas bills month after month. While they keep accumulating over the years, a solar water heater sustains itself on the infinite rays of the sun. Electrical appliances are generally guaranteed for only 36 months, but with a solar water heater, you and your family will be assured of cost-free hot water for years to come.


  • Safety 
    • A solar water heater is extremely user-friendly. Just turn on the tap for hot water. Even a small child can do it. Water is heated to about 70oC and the safety feature of a relief valve controls the heat pressure. With the conventional electric heaters, there is always the fear of an electric or gas leakage. A solar water heater, however, has no electrical wiring of any kind and works safely on the sun’s heat. Potential gas leaking, dangerous explosions and electrical mishaps will be a thing of the past.


  • Convenience 
    • A solar water heater combines instant hot water with the therapeutic pressure of jet showers, an advantage unmatched by gas or electric water heaters. You are assured of instant hot water at a constant temperature and pressure, any time of the day and night. Whether for bathing, washing clothes and greasy dishes, you can use as much hot water as you like without worrying about the electricity bills. It can also be used as preheated water for cooking and boiling. A solar water heater has the advantage of providing several water outlets with hot water at the same time. And with a solar water heater, there is no power failure to contend with. When your neighbout is bathing in the cold and dark, you can enjoy a warm therapeutic bath, what can be more convenient?


  • Modern living 
    • More ad more people are adopting environmentally friendly lifestyles. Solar water heaters complement this modern lifestyle by proviing the simple luxury of hot water without exhausting the earth’s resources or releasing carbon into the air through consumption of electricity. The solar water heater is the responsible choice for the modern consumer – an investment for fure generations.

How It Works

The L series uses Thermosiphon system in heating. The absorber collector is placed below the storage tank, from which cold water flows into the collectro where it is heated to a desired temperature. When sun is on the Solar Panel, the water in the panel is heated, becomes less dense and rises up into the Storage Tank. This continuous natural circulation of the water through the collector and tank heats the tank water over time, as flow stops as soon as the collector cold below the tank temperature.


How much you save when you use renewable energy?


  • Individual bathroom, bathroom only
  • 6 persons
    • 15 minutes shower
    • 2 showers a day
      (180 minutes = 3 hours a day)
    • 3.8kW/hour x 3 hours = 11.4kW
    • 11.4kW x 30 days x 12 months = 4,104 kWh
  • 3 electric water heaters
    (inclusive of installation, wiring & ELCB) x RM500 = RM1,500.00
  • Total for 10 years
    (RM0.516 x 4,104 kWh x 10 years) + RM1,500 = RM22,676.64
    (Based on Average electricity rate tariff RM0.516 and assuing there's no increase in the electricity rate tariff) 

  • Centralised hot water to every designated outlet in the house
  • 6 persons
    • 15 minutes shower
    • 2 showers a day
    • 30 days (1 month)
    • Renewable solar energy (It's free)
  • One - off installation for 10 years' use
  • RM5,150.00