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George Kent / GKM Plastic Water Meter with couplings 1/2"

RM 85.00

1/2" GKM Plastic Water Meter

Material: co-polymer

1. Volumetric rotary-piston principle of measurement ensures registration

even at the very lowest rates of flow with maintained accuracy over

the flow range

2. Unique grooved piston design

3. Can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines without

affecting accuracy

4. The co-polymer resin manufactured body allows its use with

absolute confidence where waters with aggressive or dezincification

properties exist

5. Requires no calibration throughout its lifespan

6. ‘O’ ring seal placed between the measuring chamber and meter body

ensures that internal leaks which could by-pass the measuring chamber

are eliminated

7. Use of advanced engineered plastics for the measuring chamber minimises wear and

maintains reliability under all operating conditions

8. Large surface area fine filter prevents damage by gathering solid particles. Due to its design,

a partially obstructed filter will not affect the meter’s accurate registration

*Red color reading is ran by factory to do testing before despatch out*

Minimum flow rate: 0.01562 m3/h

Transitional flow rate: 0.025 m3/h

Permanent flow rate: 2.5 m3/h

Overload flow rate: 3.125 m3/h

What is inside the package?

- 1 x 1/2" GKM Plastic Water Meter

- 2 x Plastic Water Meter Coupling