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Buteline Fittings Pipe 22mm x 5m PN16 BL 22 (PB) "Hot & Cold Water"



Buteline pipe in Malaysia is made from two different materials – Polybutene-1 (PB-1) for hot and cold water applications, and Polyethylene (PE80) for cold water only.

Buteline Malaysia Sdn Bhd manufacture lengths of grey
Polybutene-1 (PB-1) pipe in 18mm, 22mm and 28mm sizes, as well as lengths and coils of Polyethylene (PE) pipe in 20mm, 25mm and 32mm sizes.

Material Pipe Size / Specs
PB-1 18mm 
5m Lengths
5m Lengths
5m Lengths
PE80 20mm 
5m Lengths
50m Coils
5m Lengths
50m Coils
5m Lengths
50m Coils


Buteline pipe is tested to exacting national and international requirements with regards to compatibility with fittings, resistance to leakage when subjected to bending, resistance to pull out of assembled joints, as well as thermal and pressure cycling.

Short term tests are carried out at a calculated pressure based on a given hoop stress pressure depending on the duration of the test. The tests are carried out at 95 ± 1°C for durations of 1 hour and 170 hours.

Long term tests are carried out based on the hoop stress pressures given for operating temperatures between 20°C and 95°C.

Polybutene-1 (PB-1) Pipe


Polybutene-1 is not a hybrid material and was specifically developed for use as a hot and cold water plumbing pipe material over 30 years ago. It is a proven solution for the conveyance of clean healthy drinking water.

With superior temperature and thermal capabilities compared to other materials, there is no need for lagging – it endures and continues to perform both in low and high temperature applications. The flexibility of Polybutene-1 pipe assists installers and eliminates water hammer noise. Polybutene-1 is also environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable. 

(Please see Polybutene-1 Technical Information for more information).

Buteline Polybutene-1 pipe can withstand high temperatures and pressures, is manufactured to meet the exacting Malaysian Standards and other international standards, as well as to meet SIRIM and SPAN certification requirements. 

Main Advantages of PB-1 Pipe

  • Increased flexibility (ie: Less fittings required = save $$ and installation time), lightweight, easier to install
  • Does not corrode, and no scale build-up
  • Superior strength (40% stronger than PE-X, and almost double the strength of PP-R and PE-RT, as published in ISO9080 evaluation of PE-RT)
  • Reduced wall thickness gives larger pipe internal diameter resulting in higher flow rates whilst lowering energy costs
  • Silent operation, virtually no water hammer
  • Excellent resistance to creep

Polyethylene (PE80) Pipe

Polyethylene is widely accepted as a cost-effective plumbing material for cold water applications and has been n service for over 50 years. It is tough with excellent chemical resistance and near-zero moisture absorption.
(Please see Polyethylene Technical Information for more information).

Buteline Polyethylene pipe is manufactured to meet the exacting Malaysian Standards, as well as to meet SIRIM and SPAN certification requirements. 

Main Advantages of PE80 Pipe

  • More flexible compared to metal, PVC or ABS pipe
  • Does not corrode, and no scale build-up
  • High tensile strength when used to convey cold water  
  • Good chemical resistance against most household chemicals
  • High impact strength (when used for conveying cold water)



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